検索ランキング 我的列表窗口 成本核算 最喜欢的项目

No. 项目名称 项目说明
1 玄铁矿 玄铁矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal darksteel. Crafting Material矿
2 云杉原木 云杉原木A rough-cut log of spruce timber. Crafting Material好木材
3 精金矿 精金矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the rare metal adamantite. Crafting Material矿
4 金矿 金矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal gold. Crafting Material矿
5 Lemonette LemonetteA tiny lemon replete with sour juice. Crafting Material好木材
6 蚕茧 蚕茧The lightweight cocoon of the elusive silkworm. Crafting Material好木材
7 拉诺西亚岩盐 拉诺西亚岩盐The red hue of this rock salt is said to come from the volcanic soil of O'Ghomoro. Crafting Material洛矶地区
8 卡贝基野菜 卡贝基野菜Though nearly identical in shape and color to gysahl greens, chysahl greens have a deeper, earthier flavor that chocobos (and man) seem to prefer. Crafting Material草地
9 光银矿 光银矿An uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be lumythrite. Crafting Material矿
10 Rhalgr[@SC]s Streak Rhalgr's StreakAlso known as Rhalgr's staff, this long-leafed medicinal herb is native to the highlands of Gyr Abania. | 好木材
11 阿巴拉提亚岩盐 阿巴拉提亚岩盐Mined from veins found in Abalathia's Spine, this pinkish salt has a high mineral content which adds depth to its flavor. Crafting Materialshop 矿
12 Pummelite PummeliteThis oddly named ore was dubbed such by early Gyr Abanian settlers who believed the chunks of colorful mineral to be pieces of a larger rock shattered by a single blow of the Destroyer's fist. | 矿
13 龙堡槲寄生 龙堡槲寄生A variety of parasitic plant found growing on trees in the Churning Mists. Crafting Materialshop 好木材
14 白金矿 白金矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal platinum. Crafting Material矿
15 库尔札斯茶叶 库尔札斯茶叶Considerably smaller than Thanalan tea leaves, more than double the amount of Ishgardian tea leaves are required to brew a single cup of tea. Crafting Materialshop 草地
16 钴铁矿 钴铁矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal cobalt. Crafting Material矿
17 秘银矿 秘银矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal mythril. Crafting Material矿
18 银矿 银矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the semi-precious metal silver. Crafting Material矿
19 发泡水 发泡水Naturally sparkling water bottled at the source. Crafting Material矿
20 爆弹怪的灰 爆弹怪的灰Grey ash produced by the internal combustions of a bomb. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
21 灵银矿 灵银矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the rare metal mythrite. Crafting Material洛矶地区
22 铁矿 铁矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal iron. Crafting Materialshop 矿
23 管弦乐琴 管弦乐琴A furnishing that is sure to delight guests and residents alike, as they while away the hours listening to some of their favorite tunes.※One per estate only. Desynthesizable: Yes Carpenteritem
24 绿金矿 绿金矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal electrum. Crafting Material矿
25 飞空艇修理材料 飞空艇修理材料Various materials used in the repair and maintenance of large-hulled airships.item
26 绯红树汁 绯红树汁Its color reminiscent of blood, this sap is used in the working of aged lumber. Crafting Material好木材
27 暗物质晶簇 暗物质晶簇This substance of unknown origin has the faculty to assimilate with other forms of matter, effectively restoring them to their original condition. Pieces this large are quite rare. Crafting Material矿
28 1级碳化暗物质 1级碳化暗物质Naturally occurring coal infused with dark matter.[A catalyst used when affixing grade I materia.]好木材
29 Raw Rhodonite Raw RhodoniteAn uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be rhodonite. Crafting Material | 矿
30 灵银沙 灵银沙Glowing sand consisting of tiny grains of mythrite. Crafting Material洛矶地区
31 Maghemite MaghemiteOriginating in Thavnair, this iron oxide is often utilized as a pigment for its rusty red hue. Crafting Material | 矿
32 Ilmenite IlmeniteA hunk of moon ore rich in titanium. | 矿
33 Softsilver Ore Softsilver OreA decent-sized piece of rock containing a naturally occurring mix of silver and quicksilver. Crafting Material | 矿
34 Bayberry BayberryA small branch of wax myrtle clipped from a shrub in Labyrinthos. | 好木材
35 云海洋葱 云海洋葱A giant yellow onion often found growing on Abalathia's Spine. Crafting Material草地
36 火之晶簇 火之晶簇A large crystalline manifestation of aetheric fire energy. Crafting Catalyst洛矶地区
37 Nanoriso NanorisoThis light brown seaweed with spiked "leaves" is quite common in the seas off Hingashi, and collected and dried for use in cuisine. | 草地
38 白钛矿 白钛矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the rare metal titanium. Crafting Material矿
39 胡桃原木 胡桃原木A rough-cut log of walnut timber. Crafting Material好木材
40 钴铁锭 钴铁锭An ingot of smelted cobalt. Crafting Materialitem
41 微光灵砂 微光灵砂The elementally aspected remnants of aetherially reduced matter. This fine sand emits a weak glow undiscernible during the day. Crafting Material
42 Baked Eggplant Baked EggplantDetermination +8% (Max 82) Vitality +8% (Max 114) Critical Hit +8% (Max 49) Determination +10% (Max 103) Vitality +10% (Max 143) Critical Hit +10% (Max 62) | Topped with sliced vegetables and a healthy coating of melted Garlean cheese, these rich eggplants have been roasted to tender perfection.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m(Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings) | item
43 亚麻 亚麻Commonly growing in the highlands of Coerthas, the stalk of this fibrous plant is used to create a linen yarn. Crafting Material草地
44 榆木原木 榆木原木A rough-cut log of elm timber. Crafting Material好木材
45 Beggar[@SC]s Mythril Ore Beggar's Mythril OreLower aetherial conductivity than regular mythril makes this a poor substitute for the precious green metal...unless low aetherial conductivity is what you require. | 矿
46 明矾 明矾A white mineral used by leatherworkers to tan animal hides. It also has deodorizing properties. Crafting Material矿
47 山羊角 山羊角The large, curved horn of an aldgoat. Crafting Materialshop
48 白钢锭 白钢锭An ingot of smelted steel. Crafting Materialshop item
49 莲叶 莲叶A lotus leaf grown to immense size, suitable for keeping the sun and the rain at bay. Crafting Material
50 鲁冰花苗 鲁冰花苗Its name meaning "wolf," the lupin is a hardy plant resistant to the cold winds of the Eorzean north. Crafting Material
51 Earthbreak Aethersand Earthbreak AethersandThis coarse-grained, highly concentrated aetherially reduced mineral matter carries the distinctive scent of soil. Crafting Material | 
52 钨铁矿 钨铁矿A jet-black mineral with alluring luster. Crafting Material矿
53 Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal Ala Mhigan Salt CrystalThese pinkish crystals grow naturally on the shores of Loch Seld. Crafting Material | 矿
54 紫杉原木 紫杉原木A rough-cut log of yew timber. Crafting Material好木材
55 古神木材 古神木材A length of lumber obtained by processing a petrified log. Crafting Materialitem
56 Raw Zoisite Raw ZoisiteAn uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be zoisite. Crafting Material | 矿
57 桦木原木 桦木原木A rough-cut log of birch lumber. Crafting Material好木材
58 公主鳟 公主鳟Unlike other freshwater trout which make their habitat in swift-flowing rivers, the silver princess trout prefers the relative seclusion of inland lakes. Crafting Material Desynthesizable: Yes Culinarianshop
59 Mornveil Tree Bark Mornveil Tree BarkThe quality of this bark is undeniable and likely due to the hospitable surrounds of Labyrinthos. Crafting Material | 好木材
60 绿宝石豆 绿宝石豆A deep-green legume recently discovered growing on the floating islets above the Sea of Clouds. Crafting Material草地
61 黑铁锭 黑铁锭An ingot of smelted iron. Crafting Materialshop item
62 3级萨纳兰土壤 3级萨纳兰土壤Grade 3 topsoil obtained in the Thanalan region. Increases the likelihood that plants will intercross with one another.矿
63 绵羊毛 绵羊毛Soft white wool sheared from a sheep. Crafting Material
64 Paldao Log Paldao LogA rough-cut log of paldao timber. | 好木材
65 风之晶簇 风之晶簇A large crystalline manifestation of aetheric wind energy. Crafting Catalyst草地
66 清漆 清漆A coating used to protect wooden surfaces and give them a clear and shiny finish. Crafting Materialitem
67 Field Mustard Field MustardThe oil extracted from the seeds of this vivid yellow flower has various practical applications, not the least of which is as a reagent for curing skins and hides. Crafting Material | 好木材
68 白鬃毛 白鬃毛Long bristly fur taken from a snurble. Crafting Material
69 阿巴拉提亚槲寄生 阿巴拉提亚槲寄生A variety of parasitic plant found growing on trees in the Sea of Clouds. Crafting Materialshop 好木材
70 Serpentine SerpentineThis rare mineral, also known as lizardite, is still believed in some regions to be the lithified remains of a great scalekin. | 矿
71 风之水晶 风之水晶A crystalline manifestation of aetheric wind energy. Crafting Catalyst草地
72 硬银矿 硬银矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the rare alchemic metal hardsilver. Crafting Material矿
73 Ovibos Milk Ovibos MilkPossesses a unique taste one might not normally associate with milk. Crafting Material
74 雷之晶簇 雷之晶簇A large crystalline manifestation of aetheric lightning energy. Crafting Catalyst洛矶地区
75 胡桃木材 胡桃木材Processed walnut lumber. Crafting Materialshop item
76 泡碱 泡碱A white powder used in alchemy as a deodorizer and leavening agent. Crafting Materialitem
77 自然金 自然金A high-purity, naturally occurring nugget of gold. Crafting Material矿
78 榆木木材 榆木木材Processed elm lumber. Crafting Materialshop item
79 牦牛奶 牦牛奶The unique flavor of yak milk can be somewhat off-putting to those raised on cow or aldgoat milk.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m Crafting Materialshop
80 Modified Whale-class Pressure Hull Modified Whale-class Pressure HullComprising the center of a whale-class submersible, this ovoid hull is equipped with two reinforced auxiliary propellers for superior maneuverability. | 
81 水之晶簇 水之晶簇A large crystalline manifestation of aetheric water energy. Crafting Catalyst矿
82 玄钢块 玄钢块A small nugget of impure darksteel. Crafting Materialitem
83 Raw Triphane Raw TriphaneAn uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be triphane. Crafting Material | 矿
84 留兰 留兰Named after the spear-like shape of its leaves, this variety of mint has a cooler, less biting flavor than its darker-leaved cousin peppermint. Crafting Material Aetherial Reduction: ○ BotanistLv. 58+草地
85 蓝铁矿 蓝铁矿A smoke-blue iron-rich ore often found growing within the fossilized bones of long-dead wavekin. Crafting Material
86 榴弹怪的灰 榴弹怪的灰Dark grey ash produced by the internal combustions of a grenade. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
87 闪锌矿 闪锌矿A semi-translucent mineral containing large amounts of zinc and iron. Crafting Material
88 黑蝶贝 黑蝶贝A bivalved mollusk found in the warm waters of the Sea of Ash. On rare occasions, sand will become trapped inside the shell and gradually form into a black pearl. Crafting Material Desynthesizable: Yes Culinarian
89 绿金锭 绿金锭An ingot of smelted electrum. Crafting Materialitem
90 槲寄生 槲寄生A poisonous, parasitic plant which survives by attaching itself to other larger plants. It is often gathered and put on display during regional winter festivals. Crafting Material好木材
91 马郁兰 马郁兰A sweet-smelling herb used in cooking and in medicines. Crafting Material草地
92 星极花 星极花A rare flower that has an elemental aspect tipped severely in the direction of astral. Crafting Material好木材
93 岩盐 岩盐A large chunk of naturally occurring salt crystals. It is often ground into fine grains before being used to flavor and preserve food. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
94 Feather Iron Ore Feather Iron OreNot technically as light as an actual feather, this rare variety of iron weighs slightly less than normal iron, making it a preferable alternative...if enough can be procured. | 矿
95 延龄花 延龄花A beautiful, white, tripetaloid flower. Crafting Material草地
96 硬银沙 硬银沙Oily sand containing tiny grains of hardsilver. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
97 Prismstone PrismstoneThis peculiar type of stone shines with all the colors of the rainbow. Crafting Material矿
98 暗栗木原木 暗栗木原木A rough-cut log of dark chestnut timber. Crafting Material好木材
99 泥岩 泥岩A flaky stone comprised of layers of mud condensed and compressed down over thousands of generations. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
100 Haritaki HaritakiA Thavnairian nut often used in dyeing and tanning practices. | 好木材
101 野鸡之羽 野鸡之羽The short brown tailfeather of a wildfowl. Crafting Materialshop 草地
102 白钨矿 白钨矿A mysterious ore that glows intermittently. Crafting Material
103 星砂砾 星砂砾Gravel with an unbalanced elemental aspect tipping towards astral. Crafting Material矿
104 竹材 竹材A cut and dried piece of thick bamboo. Crafting Material好木材
105 铜矿 铜矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal copper. Crafting Materialshop 矿
106 枫树树汁 枫树树汁An odorless and colorless liquid extracted from maple trees. Can be boiled down to make sweet maple sugar. Crafting Materialshop 好木材
107 龙堡天然水 龙堡天然水Clear water taken from a spring in the foothills of Abalathia's Spine. Crafting Material矿
108 雪松原木 雪松原木A rough-cut log of cedar timber. Crafting Material好木材
109 草棉 草棉The fibrous flower of the cotton plant. Grown in abundance in the Black Shroud for Gridania's textile industry. Crafting Materialshop 草地
110 琥珀原石 琥珀原石An uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be amber. Crafting Material矿
111 紫檀原木 紫檀原木A rough-cut log of rosewood timber. Crafting Material好木材
112 灵银块 灵银块A small nugget of impure mythrite. Crafting Materialshop item
113 黄昏鞣革 黄昏鞣革An especially dark variety of leather often used in formalwear and uniforms. Crafting Material
114 6级暗物质 6级暗物质It has recently been discovered that this substance of unknown origin has the faculty to assimilate with other forms of matter, effectively restoring them to their original condition. This specific grade of dark matter has been shown to bond best with precisely crafted items made from superior-quality materials.[Used to repair equipment for levels 1-60.]shop
115 玄钢锭 玄钢锭An ingot of smelted darksteel. Crafting Materialitem
116 荒神灵银 荒神灵银Mythrite blessed by a primal. Crafting Material
117 延龄草的球根 延龄草的球根If planted and tended with loving care, this bulb should grow into a lovely trillium plant. Crafting Material好木材
118 晓光灵砂 晓光灵砂The elementally aspected remnants of aetherially reduced matter. This fine sand emits a brilliant light discernible even at midday. Crafting Material
119 Lunatender Blossom Lunatender BlossomA flower that blooms atop lunatenders' heads. Crafting Material
120 Berkanan Sap Berkanan SapA highly sticky substance obtained from a berkanan. Crafting Material
121 黄玉原石 黄玉原石An uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be topaz. Crafting Material矿
122 牛至 牛至Due to its higher oil content, highland oregano is preferred over other breeds of oregano by apothecaries and perfumeries across Eorzea. Crafting Material Aetherial Reduction: ○ BotanistLv. 56+草地
123 白云母 白云母A decent-sized chunk of rock made up of what appears to be thousands of thin sheets of silver crystal compacted together into a single mass. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
124 火之水晶 火之水晶A crystalline manifestation of aetheric fire energy. Crafting Catalyst好木材
125 Coelacanth-Class Bridge Coelacanth-Class BridgeComprising the top of a coelacanth-class submersible, this bridge is expansive and equipped with amenities to enable longer voyages.
126 Glass Fiber Glass FiberThinly spun glass remarkably resistant to high temperatures. Crafting Material
127 Raw Spodumene Raw SpodumeneAn uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be spodumene. Crafting Material | 矿
128 丝柏原木 丝柏原木A rough-cut log of cypress timber. Crafting Material好木材
129 Tempered Glass Tempered GlassGlass treated in flame and then quickly cooled to increase its resistance to heat as well as its overall hardness. Crafting Materialitem
130 Whale-class Pressure Hull Whale-class Pressure HullComprising the center of a whale-class submersible, this ovoid hull is equipped with two different auxiliary propellers for superior maneuverability. | 
131 Earthen Quartz Earthen QuartzA rock with an elemental aspect leaning heavily towards earth. | Reducible: Yes | 洛矶地区
132 朱砂 朱砂This red mineral is used to create quicksilver, as well as potent sedatives. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
133 六识之血 六识之血The warm blood of a bipedal sentient. For some unknown reason, the humours will not coagulate. Crafting Material
134 秘银锭 秘银锭An ingot of smelted mythril. Crafting Materialshop item
135 飞龙黑曜石 飞龙黑曜石A hard variety of obsidian. Said to have been formed in the flames of a wyvern's breath. Crafting Material矿
136 白银锭 白银锭An ingot of smelted silver. Crafting Materialitem
137 珪砂 珪砂A pure white sand made up of finely ground silica. Crafting Material洛矶地区
138 乌鸦之羽 乌鸦之羽The glossy black tailfeather of a crow. Crafting Materialshop 好木材
139 树汁块 树汁块A partially congealed ball of sticky tree sap. Crafting Material
140 蛛网 蛛网A thick sticky web used to entangle exceptionally large prey. Crafting Material
141 沉积岩磨刀石 沉积岩磨刀石A whetstone carved from aqueous rock. Used for sharpening metal or stone blades. Crafting Material
142 银鲨 银鲨A large, spindle-shaped shark commonly found in the Sea of Ash and known to attack without provocation.[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.] Crafting Material Desynthesizable: Yes Culinarian
143 钨钢锭 钨钢锭An ingot of smelted wolfram. Crafting Materialitem
144 3级黑衣森林土壤 3级黑衣森林土壤Grade 3 topsoil obtained in the Black Shroud region. Increases the likelihood that plants will yield more crops.洛矶地区
145 硅化木 硅化木The passage of time has turned this log into stone. Crafting Material
146 光银锭 光银锭An ingot of smelted lumythrite. Crafting Materialitem
147 红珊瑚 红珊瑚A piece of sharp red coral, rarely found in any of Eorzea's five seas. Crafting Material
148 Underground Spring Water Underground Spring WaterClear, sweet water bottled at its subterranean source. Crafting Material矿
149 Glamour Prism Glamour PrismThis crystalline prism captures the likeness of a piece of equipment and projects it onto another object of comparable form and function.[Necessary to project glamours.]item
150 Athletikos Cloth Athletikos ClothSupple fabric with give enough to accommodate a wide range of vigorous movement. Crafting Material | 
151 陷阱草的叶子 陷阱草的叶子The thin, twitching leaf of a flytrap. Crafting Materialshop
152 Voidrake VoidrakeGiven its bizarre shape and extreme toxicity, this root is thought to have originated from the void.
153 甘菊 甘菊A fragrant yellow flower found growing throughout Vylbrand. Crafting Material草地
154 麦秆 麦秆Earless stalks of wheat. Crafting Materialshop 草地
155 白珊瑚 白珊瑚A piece of sharp white coral native to the shallow seas all along Eorzea's coastlines. Crafting Material
156 迷迭香 迷迭香A savory herb treasured for its ability to enhance focus and concentration. Crafting Material草地
157 橡木原木 橡木原木A rough-cut log of oak timber. Crafting Material好木材
158 海神刀 海神刀These thin, long saltwater fish will oft jump out of the water and glide for yalms across the surface, using their pectoral fins as ersatz wings. Crafting Material Desynthesizable: Yes Culinarian
159 陆行鸟之羽 陆行鸟之羽The stiff yellow tailfeather of a chocobo. Crafting Material好木材
160 火之碎晶 火之碎晶A tiny crystalline manifestation of aetheric fire energy. Crafting Catalyst好木材
161 山羊的粗皮 山羊的粗皮The heavy hide of an aldgoat. Crafting Material
162 雾绢 雾绢Each strand of mist silk is twice as thin as regular silk, making it much more difficult to work with. Crafting Material
163 碳纤维 碳纤维A powerful man-made fiber originally developed by alchemists of the Garlean Empire. Crafting Material
164 兔蝓的酸液 兔蝓的酸液The acidic secretions of a sea hare. Crafting Material
165 Modified Unkiu-class Bow Modified Unkiu-class BowUnkiu-class bows are outfitted with rudder fins, relegated to the stern on most submersibles─and this particular model's have been upgraded for additional durability. | 
166 Unkiu-class Bow Unkiu-class BowUnlike the bows of most submersibles, the unkiu-class model is outfitted with rudder fins usually relegated to the stern.
167 Molybdenum Ore Molybdenum OreA decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal molybdenum. Crafting Material | 矿
168 Dark Cherry Log Dark Cherry LogA rough-cut log of dark cherry timber. Crafting Material | 好木材
169 皇金沙 皇金沙Violet sand containing tiny grains of aurum regis. Crafting Materialshop 矿
170 黑曜石 黑曜石A sharp, glossy volcanic stone often used in the manufacture of weapons and jewelry. Crafting Materialshop 矿
171 Almandine AlmandineA garnet-like mineral that, due to its extreme hardness, is used in grinding wheels. Crafting Material | Aetherial Reduction: ○ MinerLv. 66+ | 矿
172 Shell Leather Shell LeatherA particularly glossy and durable variety of leather, the production of which is no mean feat. Crafting Material | 
173 明胶 明胶A clear gelling agent extracted from animal skin and fish bones. Crafting Materialshop item
174 白钛锭 白钛锭An ingot of smelted titanium. Crafting Materialshop item
175 焦炭 焦炭A hot-burning fuel created by destructively distilling raw coal. Crafting Material
176 锌矿 锌矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal zinc. Crafting Materialshop 矿
177 虹绵 虹绵A rare variety of cotton which produces fibers that change color depending on the angle at which light strikes them. Crafting Material草地
178 Lovingbloom LovingbloomA prize "flower" grown in the nightmare fungal garden of Lovingway's Darlings. Crafting Material | 好木材
179 兽脂蜡烛 兽脂蜡烛A stout candle made from sheep fat. Crafting Materialshop
180 谢尔达莱嫩菠菜 谢尔达莱嫩菠菜This bunch of Cieldalaes spinach has been picked young to reduce bitterness. Crafting Material草地
181 植物成长剂2型 植物成长剂2型This alchemically formulated potation accelerates the growth of foliage. Crafting Materialshop item
182 松节油 松节油This foul-smelling sap can be used to remove dyes quickly and easily. Remember to always use in a well-ventilated area.shop
183 Modified Shark-class Stern Modified Shark-class SternComprising the rear end of a shark-class submersible, this stern contains a high-powered independent engine which propels the craft. | 
184 泽梅尔番茄 泽梅尔番茄A rare crossbreed of ruby tomato developed and perfected by House Dzemael botanists. Crafting Material草地
185 软糊怪肉 软糊怪肉A foul-smelling, gelatinous mass taken from a pudding. Crafting Material
186 黄杏 黄杏A variety of stone fruit borne over from the Near East. Its orange flesh is at once sweet and tart.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m好木材
187 野牛奶 野牛奶Rich and creamy buffalo milk harvested immediately before the beast falls asleep.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30mshop
188 黑明矾 黑明矾A darker variety of the mineral used by leatherworkers to tan animal hides. It lacks the deodorizing properties of its lighter counterpart. Crafting Material矿
189 硬化云杉木材 硬化云杉木材A processed length of spruce lumber, treated with an alchemical agent to improve its durability. Crafting Materialitem
190 白钛块 白钛块A small nugget of impure titanium. Crafting Materialshop item
191 雷之水晶 雷之水晶A crystalline manifestation of aetheric lightning energy. Crafting Catalyst草地
192 柔韧的筋腱 柔韧的筋腱The tough yet flexible tendon of a large beastkin. Crafting Materialshop
193 云杉木材 云杉木材Processed spruce lumber. Crafting Materialitem
194 月桂 月桂A savory spice made from the dried leaves of the laurel bush. Crafting Material草地
195 山羊革 山羊革A large piece of cured aldgoat skin. Crafting Materialitem
196 Amra AmraThe fruit of Thavnair. Commonly used by vajralangula in order to attract potential mates. Crafting Material
197 新薯 新薯A starchy tuberous vegetable originally introduced to Eorzea by explorers from the distant western continent. Crafting Material草地
198 Almasty Fur Almasty FurA softer fur you have never known. Crafting Material
199 圣水 圣水Water blessed by an anointed Halonic Orthodox priest. Used to exorcise most evil spirits from worldly items. Crafting Materialshop item
200 火砂砾 火砂砾Gravel elementally aspected to fire. Aetherial Reduction: ○ MinerLv. 56+洛矶地区
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