検索ランキング 我的列表窗口 成本核算 最喜欢的项目

No. 项目名称 项目说明
1 烟肉麦穗面包 烟肉麦穗面包Parry +4% (Max 26) Vitality +4% (Max 22) Critical Hit Rate +2% (Max 13) Parry +5% (Max 33) Vitality +5% (Max 28) Critical Hit Rate +3% (Max 16) Soft dough mixed with thick-sliced bacon and twisted into a pattern resembling a sheaf of wheat.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30mitem
2 拉诺西亚岩盐 拉诺西亚岩盐The red hue of this rock salt is said to come from the volcanic soil of O'Ghomoro. Crafting Material洛矶地区
3 玄铁矿 玄铁矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal darksteel. Crafting Material矿
4 绿灯球藻 绿灯球藻A rare type of luminescent moss found on the bottom of lakes and in caves. Slight currents cause the moss to form into a ball as it grows. Desynthesizable: Yes Culinarian
5 清漆 清漆A coating used to protect wooden surfaces and give them a clear and shiny finish. Crafting Materialitem
6 Kamacite Ore Kamacite OreA chunk of long-fallen meteor containing the rare alloy kamacite. Crafting Material | 
7 Shakshouka ShakshoukaEggs perfectly poached in a robust, spicy tomato sauce.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m (Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)item
8 Marimo Lamp Marimo LampThe product of a skilled yet not particularly creative metalworker who took inspiration from the lamp marimo to create...a lamp containing lamp marimo. | Desynthesizable: 136.00 (Goldsmith) | item
9 萨维奈槲寄生 萨维奈槲寄生A variety of parasitic plant that is commonly found growing on the stout acacia trees of Thavnair. The inhabitants of Thavnair's capital city of Radz-at-Han have a strange custom that states if two people meet underneath a sprig of mistletoe, they must each give the other one of their shoes. Crafting Material好木材
10 Fat Cat Sofa Fat Cat SofaSo large. So fluffy. | Desynthesizable: 279.00 (Weaver) | item
11 翻云雾海红辣椒 翻云雾海红辣椒A rare pepper that is more sweet than it is spicy. Crafting Material好木材
12 Raincoat Raincoatitem
13 Wooden Loft Wooden LoftCreate the perfect space for sleeping, reading, displays, or enjoying an insurmountable advantage in pillow fights with this wall-mounted platform. | Desynthesizable: 45.00 (Carpenter) | item
14 Seiryu[@SC]s Scale Seiryu's ScaleA shimmering scale that once protected the body of the most venerable serpentine auspice. Crafting Material | 
15 Abroader Otter Abroader OtterHobbies include playing and having fun on an island in the sun.Use item to acquire the abroader otter minion. | 
16 烟肉 烟肉A large side of boar, cured and then smoked. It is widely accepted across Eorzea that "everything goes better" with this flavorful meat. Crafting Material
17 金矿 金矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal gold. Crafting Material矿
18 云杉原木 云杉原木A rough-cut log of spruce timber. Crafting Material好木材
19 Doman Reiyaku Doman ReiyakuA concentrated elixir created through the use of closely guarded geomantic techniques. | 
20 Azim Spring Water Azim Spring WaterWater of uncommon clarity sourced from underground springs on the Azim Steppe. Crafting Material矿
21 Waterproof Cloth Waterproof ClothThis durable fabric is backed with a layer of rubber, making it far less permeable to water than typical garment materials. Crafting Material | 
22 Rakshasa Token Rakshasa TokenUsed by the Ala Mhigan Resistance to verify the submission of rakshasa gear. | 
23 Moonlit Tank Trimmings Moonlit Tank TrimmingsAn assortment of items used to outfit an aquarium that it might resemble the moonlit eve upon which a nightbloom once flowered...[For use in any tier aquarium.] | 
24 Torreya Log Torreya LogA rough-cut log of torreya timber. Crafting Material | 好木材
25 Duskglow Aethersand Duskglow AethersandThe elementally aspected remnants of aetherially reduced matter. This fine sand emits a crepuscular glow independent of ambient light. Crafting Material | 
26 龙堡槲寄生 龙堡槲寄生A variety of parasitic plant found growing on trees in the Churning Mists. Crafting Materialshop 好木材
27 秘银矿 秘银矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal mythril. Crafting Material矿
28 Botanist[@SC]s Dried Herbs Botanist's Dried HerbsAn assortment of pleasant-smelling medicinal and culinary herbs verified to be non-toxic. Mostly. | Desynthesizable: 150.00 (Alchemist) | item
29 Kamacite KamaciteA thin piece of smelted kamacite. | item
30 野牛奶 野牛奶Rich and creamy buffalo milk harvested immediately before the beast falls asleep.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30mshop
31 Horned Turban Horned TurbanThe shell of this warm-water sea mollusk is twisted like the turbans worn by the dhalmel drivers of Thavnair. Crafting Material | Desynthesizable: Yes Culinarian | 
32 紫檀原木 紫檀原木A rough-cut log of rosewood timber. Crafting Material好木材
33 Botanist[@SC]s Garden Botanist's GardenA vegetable patch so lovingly tended that it could only have been cultivated by an expert. | Desynthesizable: 30.00 (Alchemist) | item
34 Evergleam Ore Evergleam OreA decent-sized piece of rock containing a rare natural alloy of iron and chromium. Crafting Material矿
35 Plush Pile Plush PileStuffed moogles and tonberries and bears, oh my. | 
36 库尔札斯茶叶 库尔札斯茶叶Considerably smaller than Thanalan tea leaves, more than double the amount of Ishgardian tea leaves are required to brew a single cup of tea. Crafting Materialshop 好木材
37 White Rectangular Partition White Rectangular PartitionThus named despite the fact that none would fain expect a blue triangle. | Desynthesizable: 30.00 (Goldsmith) | item
38 萨维奈圆葱 萨维奈圆葱A pungent, tear-inducing vegetable that thrives in the alkali sands of Near Eastern Thavnair. While typically avoided by the five races, it is a favorite amongst chocobos.
39 琥珀原石 琥珀原石An uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be amber. Crafting Material矿
40 灰泥 灰泥A mixture used in construction to bond bricks or stones. Crafting Materialitem
41 Chromite Ore Chromite OreA decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal chromium. Crafting Material | 矿
42 银矿 银矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the semi-precious metal silver. Crafting Material矿
43 Tako-yaki Tako-yakiBite-sized balls of fried pastry each containing a solitary chunk of tender octopus in their gooey, molten centers.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m (Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)item
44 灵银矿 灵银矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the rare metal mythrite. Crafting Material矿
45 Gyr Abanian Ore Gyr Abanian OreA naturally occurring chunk of lodestone. Crafting Material矿
46 亚麻 亚麻Commonly growing in the highlands of Coerthas, the stalk of this fibrous plant is used to create a linen yarn. Crafting Material草地
47 Hanging Planter Shelf Hanging Planter ShelfVarious potted plants dangle from this wall-mounted shelf, leaving the space atop it free for other items. Or more plants. | Desynthesizable: 33.00 (Carpenter) | item
48 Steppe Kitchen Steppe KitchenThis cooking facility was fashioned after those used by the Xaela tribes of the Azim Steppe. | Desynthesizable: 136.00 (Carpenter) | item
49 3级萨纳兰土壤 3级萨纳兰土壤Grade 3 topsoil obtained in the Thanalan region. Increases the likelihood that plants will intercross with one another.矿
50 Yanxian Verbena Yanxian VerbenaA hearty plant that can proliferate on nearly any surface, including tree trunks. Its leaves release a pleasant scent when touched. | Aetherial Reduction: ○ BotanistLv. 70+ | 好木材
51 晓光灵砂 晓光灵砂The elementally aspected remnants of aetherially reduced matter. This fine sand emits a brilliant light discernible even at midday. Crafting Material
52 蚕茧 蚕茧The lightweight cocoon of the elusive silkworm. Crafting Material好木材
53 多实玉米种子 多实玉米种子Millioncorn kernels suitable for garden cultivation.草地
54 Yanxian Soil Yanxian SoilFine, rich earth from Yanxia. | Aetherial Reduction: ○ MinerLv. 70+ | 矿
55 发泡水 发泡水Naturally sparkling water bottled at the source. Crafting Material矿
56 光银矿 光银矿An uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be lumythrite. Crafting Material矿
57 铁矿 铁矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal iron. Crafting Materialshop 矿
58 Palladium Ore Palladium OreA decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal palladium. Crafting Material | 矿
59 拉诺西亚莴苣种子 拉诺西亚莴苣种子La Noscean lettuce seeds suitable for garden cultivation.草地
60 Washbasin WashbasinAn elegant, stand-alone sink for washing up before dinner. And you will wash up before dinner. | Desynthesizable: 320.00 (Goldsmith) | item
61 小麦 小麦A common variety of golden-brown wheat eaten as a staple in many of Eorzea's city-states. Crafting Materialshop 草地
62 细沙 细沙Extra-fine sand made up of particles barely visible to the eyes of men. Crafting Material洛矶地区
63 钴铁矿 钴铁矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal cobalt. Crafting Material矿
64 钴铁锭 钴铁锭An ingot of smelted cobalt. Crafting Materialitem
65 灵银沙 灵银沙Glowing sand consisting of tiny grains of mythrite. Crafting Material洛矶地区
66 灵银锭 灵银锭An ingot of smelted mythrite. Crafting Materialitem
67 3级黑衣森林土壤 3级黑衣森林土壤Grade 3 topsoil obtained in the Black Shroud region. Increases the likelihood that plants will yield more crops.洛矶地区
68 胡桃原木 胡桃原木A rough-cut log of walnut timber. Crafting Material好木材
69 切石 切石A rectangular slab of stone commonly used in building construction. Crafting Materialitem
70 Wooden Steps Wooden StepsUseful in climbing up to lofts or removing rival heirs. | Desynthesizable: 45.00 (Carpenter) | item
71 Raw Azurite Raw AzuriteAn uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be azurite. Crafting Material | 矿
72 绿金矿 绿金矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal electrum. Crafting Material矿
73 菱锌矿 菱锌矿This slightly lustrous ore is characterized by its extremely high zinc content. Crafting Material矿
74 亚麻油 亚麻油An oil made by pressing flax seeds. Used for lubrication as well as in medicines. Crafting Materialitem
75 植物成长剂2型 植物成长剂2型This alchemically formulated potation accelerates the growth of foliage. Crafting Materialshop item
76 Small Imitation Window Small Imitation WindowDespite its size─and the minor detail of it not being a real window─this plain would-be portal provides a surprising amount of light. | Desynthesizable: 32.00 (Carpenter) | item
77 Grilled Turban Grilled TurbanCritical Hit +4% (Max 41) Vitality +3% (Max 43) Critical Hit +5% (Max 51) Vitality +4% (Max 54) | A live horned turban cooked in its shell with a splash of soy sauce and rice wine.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m (Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings) | shop item
78 硬银块 硬银块A small nugget of impure hardsilver. Crafting Materialshop item
79 Yanxian Cotton Boll Yanxian Cotton BollThese whimsical cotton flowers, found only in Yanxia, glimmer faintly like stars in the night. Crafting Material好木材
80 棉布礼鞋 棉布礼鞋 VIT +2 INT +2 MND +2 Accuracy +3 shop item
81 Sparkstone SparkstoneThe burning aether contained within this volcanic stone allows for its use not only in striking fires, but also maintaining them at a consistent heat. | 
82 Ground Sloth Leather Ground Sloth LeatherA large piece of cured ground sloth hide. Crafting Materialitem
83 百里香 百里香A fragrant herb used to flavor various meat and poultry dishes. Crafting Material草地
84 钨钢锭 钨钢锭An ingot of smelted wolfram. Crafting Materialitem
85 灵银块 灵银块A small nugget of impure mythrite. Crafting Materialshop item
86 花岗岩 花岗岩An extremely hard rock said to be formed of cooled magma. Crafting Material矿
87 爆弹怪的灰 爆弹怪的灰Grey ash produced by the internal combustions of a bomb. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
88 星砂砾 星砂砾Gravel with an unbalanced elemental aspect tipping towards astral. Crafting Material矿
89 旧世界无花果 旧世界无花果A symbol of long life and femininity, this autumn fruit was originally brought from their home land to Eorzea by the Sharlayans.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m Crafting Material好木材
90 玄钢块 玄钢块A small nugget of impure darksteel. Crafting Materialitem
91 榴弹怪的灰 榴弹怪的灰Dark grey ash produced by the internal combustions of a grenade. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
92 古神木材 古神木材A length of lumber obtained by processing a petrified log. Crafting Materialitem
93 绵羊毛 绵羊毛Soft white wool sheared from a sheep. Crafting Material
94 水银 水银Liquid metal widely utilized by alchemists in the production of firesand and by smiths in the production of alloys. Crafting Materialshop item
95 暗栗木原木 暗栗木原木A rough-cut log of dark chestnut timber. Crafting Material好木材
96 橡木原木 橡木原木A rough-cut log of oak timber. Crafting Material好木材
97 虹绵 虹绵A rare variety of cotton which produces fibers that change color depending on the angle at which light strikes them. Crafting Material草地
98 Hingan Flax Hingan FlaxA distant cousin to the flax found in the highlands of Coerthas, the stalk of this fibrous plant is used to create a yarn known in Hingashi as "true linen." Crafting Material好木材
99 榆木原木 榆木原木A rough-cut log of elm timber. Crafting Material好木材
100 明矾 明矾A white mineral used by leatherworkers to tan animal hides. It also has deodorizing properties. Crafting Material矿
101 Strong Steppe Spice Strong Steppe SpiceThis spice is so potent as to often go unused on the Azim Steppe itself, but after overhearing a patron state that buuz "tastes like wet sheep," Adkiragh was inspired to add it to create a flavor more palatable to non-Xaela. | 
102 白钢锭 白钢锭An ingot of smelted steel. Crafting Materialshop item
103 圣水 圣水Water blessed by an anointed Halonic Orthodox priest. Used to exorcise most evil spirits from worldly items. Crafting Materialitem
104 绯红树汁 绯红树汁Its color reminiscent of blood, this sap is used in the working of aged lumber. Crafting Material好木材
105 Evergleam Ingot Evergleam IngotAn ingot of smelted evergleam steel. Crafting Materialitem
106 桦木原木 桦木原木A rough-cut log of birch lumber. Crafting Material好木材
107 硬银沙 硬银沙Oily sand containing tiny grains of hardsilver. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
108 Whisperfine Woolen Coat Whisperfine Woolen Coatitem
109 星极油 星极油Refined oil with an unbalanced elemental aspect tipping towards astral. Crafting Materialitem
110 Chromite Ingot Chromite IngotAn ingot of smelted chromite. Crafting Material | item
111 Hawk[@SC]s Eye Hawk's EyeA blue-grey jewel consisting of many colored layers. When polished, it resembles the piercing eye of a raptor. Crafting Material | 矿
112 石灰岩 石灰岩A soft stone comprised of shells and bones compressed down over thousands of generations. Crafting Material洛矶地区
113 紫檀木材 紫檀木材Processed rosewood lumber. Crafting Materialitem
114 秘银铆钉 秘银铆钉Short mythril pins with large heads. Used in connecting metal plates. Crafting Materialshop item
115 Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal Ala Mhigan Salt CrystalThese pinkish crystals grow naturally on the shores of Loch Seld. Crafting Material | 矿
116 植物成长剂5型 植物成长剂5型This alchemically formulated potation accelerates the growth of foliage. Crafting Materialitem
117 Veteran Tree Sap Veteran Tree SapThis sap has been reverted from hardened lumps to its original liquid state via an alchemical process. Crafting Material | item
118 秘银锭 秘银锭An ingot of smelted mythril. Crafting Materialshop item
119 Whalaqee Off-guard Totem Whalaqee Off-guard TotemAn intricately carved wooden totem imbued with the secrets of a defense-shattering technique.※Only for use by Blue Mages. | 
120 光银锭 光银锭An ingot of smelted lumythrite. Crafting Materialitem
121 Urunday Log Urunday LogA rough-cut log of urunday timber. Crafting Material好木材
122 玻璃板 玻璃板A hard flat lens made of uncolored glass. Crafting Materialshop item
123 Dawn Serge Dawn SergeSeveral yalms of undyed steppe serge wrapped around a short wooden distaff. Crafting Material | item
124 Malleable Still Material Malleable Still MaterialThis flexible material is ideal for use in creating a home-brewing facility of one's very own. | 
125 泡碱 泡碱A white powder used in alchemy as a deodorizer and leavening agent. Crafting Materialitem
126 橡木木材 橡木木材Processed oak lumber. Crafting Materialshop item
127 Worsted Yarn Worsted YarnSoft, water-absorbent yarn spun from multiple varieties of hair sheared from beastkin of the Azim Steppe. Crafting Material | item
128 Gougan Coin Gougan CoinA small gold coin stamped with what you assume to be the Clockwork City of Goug's mint mark. | 
129 星桦木木材 星桦木木材Processed birch lumber treated so that its elemental aspect tips towards astral. Crafting Materialitem
130 岩盐 岩盐A large chunk of naturally occurring salt crystals. It is often ground into fine grains before being used to flavor and preserve food. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
131 竹材 竹材A cut and dried piece of thick bamboo. Crafting Material好木材
132 白钛矿 白钛矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the rare metal titanium. Crafting Material矿
133 黄铜矿 黄铜矿A decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal copper mixed with traces of iron and sulphur.矿
134 Hawk[@SC]s Eye Sand Hawk's Eye SandConversion of the mineral hawk's eye via an alchemical process is the only way to create this incomparably fine sand. Crafting Material | item
135 粘土 粘土Thick, sticky clay used to make cups, pots, and jars. Crafting Materialshop 矿
136 暗物质晶簇 暗物质晶簇This substance of unknown origin has the faculty to assimilate with other forms of matter, effectively restoring them to their original condition. Pieces this large are quite rare. Crafting Material矿
137 Seitei SeiteiDragon-ness is in the eye of the beholder.Use item to acquire the Seitei minion. | item
138 Sophic Bead Fragment Sophic Bead FragmentThe radiant shard of a shattered bead that once bedecked the Meracydian goddess Sophia's holy raiment. Crafting Material
139 Hardened Veteran Tree Sap Hardened Veteran Tree SapA partially congealed ball of sticky sap extracted from an aged tree. Crafting Material | 好木材
140 Usuginu Octopus Usuginu OctopusDesynthesizable: 320.00 (Culinarian)
141 Black Willow Log Black Willow LogA rough-cut log of black willow timber. Crafting Material好木材
142 Salvaged Coinage Salvaged CoinageAntique coins tarnished by centuries spent in the briny deep. Crafting Material | 
143 植物成长剂3型 植物成长剂3型This alchemically formulated potation accelerates the growth of foliage. Crafting Materialitem
144 奇美纤维 奇美纤维Several yalms of soft undyed felt created by matting down several layers of hair taken from chimera manes. Crafting Materialitem
145 甘菊 甘菊A fragrant yellow flower found growing throughout Vylbrand. Crafting Material草地
146 Hedgehoglet HedgehogletOnly your selfless love and affection can keep him blissfully dilemma-free.Use item to acquire the hedgehoglet minion. | 
147 Voidrake VoidrakeGiven its bizarre shape and extreme toxicity, this root is thought to have originated from the void.
148 Raw Imperial Jade Raw Imperial JadeAn uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be imperial jade. Crafting Material | 矿
149 白银锭 白银锭An ingot of smelted silver. Crafting Materialitem
150 1级碳化暗物质 1级碳化暗物质Naturally occurring coal infused with dark matter.[A catalyst used when affixing grade I materia.]好木材
151 Lotus Root Lotus RootThough they appear solid from the outside, the cylindrical root nodules of the lotus flower are riddled with holes, possibly to accommodate for the water-logged environments in which the plant grows. Crafting Material | 好木材
152 玄钢锭 玄钢锭An ingot of smelted darksteel. Crafting Materialitem
153 松节油 松节油This foul-smelling sap can be used to remove dyes quickly and easily. Remember to always use in a well-ventilated area.shop
154 矿泉水 矿泉水Clear water taken from a mountain spring near Ishgard.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30mshop
155 黄麻线 黄麻线Light yarn spun from jute. Crafting Materialitem
156 龙堡天然水 龙堡天然水Clear water taken from a spring in the foothills of Abalathia's Spine. Crafting Material矿
157 胡桃木材 胡桃木材Processed walnut lumber. Crafting Materialshop item
158 番茄酱 番茄酱A zesty Near Eastern relish made by stewing tomatoes with select spices and seasoning.item
159 卡贝基野菜 卡贝基野菜Though nearly identical in shape and color to gysahl greens, chysahl greens have a deeper, earthier flavor that chocobos (and man) seem to prefer. Crafting Material好木材
160 蒸馏水 蒸馏水The distilling process has removed all impurities from this water. Crafting Materialshop item
161 Seiryu Barding Seiryu BardingA suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble the Far Eastern auspice Seiryu. | item
162 Ruby Cotton Boll Ruby Cotton BollThe fibrous flower of a rare cotton plant that only grows under the Ruby Sea. As such, Eorzean scholars insist that the flora is in no way related to normal cotton, and is instead a unique variety of sea kelp. Crafting Material | 草地
163 灵木树液块 灵木树液块A partially congealed ball of sticky sap extracted from a dryad. Crafting Material
164 泥岩 泥岩A flaky stone comprised of layers of mud condensed and compressed down over thousands of generations. Crafting Materialshop 洛矶地区
165 水晶板 水晶板This exceptionally transparent glass does not actually contain any crystal, but earns its name for being as clear as crystallized aether. Crafting Materialitem
166 Peerless Clan Mark Log Peerless Clan Mark LogA list of highly elite marks documented by the log's owner. Said owner may never have slain the marks, but he did achieve a remarkable level of detail in his entries─by unabashedly hiding in the bushes to observe the grisly deaths met by his fellow hunters. | 
167 True Linen True LinenSeveral yalms of undyed true linen wrapped around a short distaff. Crafting Materialitem
168 Torreya Lumber Torreya LumberProcessed torreya lumber. Crafting Material | item
169 珪砂 珪砂A pure white sand made up of finely ground silica. Crafting Material洛矶地区
170 黄金锭 黄金锭An ingot of smelted gold. Crafting Materialitem
171 匠心半魔晶石叁型 匠心半魔晶石叁型A crystallized mass of residual spiritbond energies transferred to a tool by its maker during the crafting process. Crafting Material
172 樟木古树 樟木古树A glance at a cross section of this log reveals that a mere glance isn't enough to count the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of rings present. Crafting Material好木材
173 星极花 星极花A rare flower that has an elemental aspect tipped severely in the direction of astral. Crafting Material好木材
174 Military-grade Tomestone Military-grade TomestoneThe exacting specifications to which this tomestone was made, along with its half-deciphered contents, have led Ironworks engineers to believe that it was manufactured for exclusive use by the Allagan armed forces.
175 丝绵 丝绵Silk that has been spun into lightweight balls that bear the appearance of cotton. Crafting Material
176 草棉 草棉The fibrous flower of the cotton plant. Grown in abundance in the Black Shroud for Gridania's textile industry. Crafting Materialshop 草地
177 玫瑰金块 玫瑰金块A small nugget of impure rose gold. Crafting Materialitem
178 Silvergrace Ore Silvergrace OreA sizable piece of rock containing traces of a precious metal known as silvergrace. Crafting Material矿
179 钨铁矿 钨铁矿A jet-black mineral with alluring luster. Crafting Material矿
180 白珊瑚 白珊瑚A piece of sharp white coral native to the shallow seas all along Eorzea's coastlines. Crafting Material
181 Chigusa Ingot Chigusa IngotAn ingot of tatara-smelted Doman steel. Crafting Materialitem
182 Raw Triphane Raw TriphaneAn uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be triphane. Crafting Material | 矿
183 Raw Star Spinel Raw Star SpinelAn uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be star spinel. Crafting Material | 洛矶地区
184 Fat Cat Bank Fat Cat BankPresumably due to the resemblance in terms of rotundity, the fat cat has overtaken the pig as a popular motif for coin banks. Comes with a matching purse to better facilitate the spending of one's hard-earned savings. | Desynthesizable: 142.00 (Goldsmith) | item
185 Onishi Dogi Onishi Dogi Craftsmanship +464 Control +145 CP +4 item
186 延龄草的球根 延龄草的球根If planted and tended with loving care, this bulb should grow into a lovely trillium plant. Crafting Material好木材
187 铁刀木角材 铁刀木角材An expertly cut cube of fragrant cassia lumber. Crafting Materialitem
188 Rhalgr[@SC]s Streak Rhalgr's StreakAlso known as Rhalgr's staff, this long-leafed medicinal herb is native to the highlands of Gyr Abania. | 好木材
189 浓厚番茄酱 浓厚番茄酱A zesty Near Eastern relish made by stewing tomatoes with select spices and seasoning. An extra turn of the sun over a cookfire has boiled off excess water, leaving a remarkably rich reduction sure to titillate the tongue. Desynthesizable: Yes Culinarianitem
190 贵族葡萄 贵族葡萄Lowland grapes crossbred over generations to produce maximum sweetness. Their bitter skin makes them unsuitable for eating off the vine, and they are better consumed as juice or wine. Crafting Material草地
191 荒神钢锭 荒神钢锭An ingot of smelted iron blessed by a primal. Crafting Materialitem
192 呢绒 呢绒Several yalms of undyed woolen cloth wrapped around a short wooden distaff. Crafting Materialitem
193 Wooden Beam Wooden BeamFor use with the wooden loft, though beam enthusiasts are sure to enjoy it regardless. | Desynthesizable: 45.00 (Carpenter) | item
194 Dusklight Aethersand Dusklight AethersandThe elementally aspected remnants of aetherially reduced matter. This fine sand emits a weak glow indiscernible at gloaming. Crafting Material | 
195 红莫柯草 红莫柯草A less-common variety of moko grass found growing predominantly in the northern mountainous regions of Aldenard. Crafting Material
196 白钛锭 白钛锭An ingot of smelted titanium. Crafting Materialitem
197 寒冰陷阱草的叶子 寒冰陷阱草的叶子The thin, twitching leaf of an icetrap. Crafting Material
198 Koppranickel Sand Koppranickel SandAmber-colored sand consisting of tiny grains of koppranickel. Crafting Material | 洛矶地区
199 Cropped Wool Slops Cropped Wool Slopsitem
200 自然金 自然金A high-purity, naturally occurring nugget of gold. Crafting Material矿
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